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Great Price, Battery and Power

Great scooter for the price. Can’t go wrong as it has a great battery and power for anyone looking to get into a high powered scooter. Really wish they would come out with accessories though like a steering dampener or battery extension kit. Thanks

Great Scooter

Howdy from Texas y'all I can't express enough how great this scooter is. The build is solid no loose screws just an absolute beast of a scooter. If you are in the market you don't need to look any further this beast hits 40mph with no problem and I have had 0 problems on my d6+ Thank you Nanrobot

Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter
David Dias Prada
Crazy Fast Scooter

This scooter is crazy fast and powerful. I started off in gear 1 and while I was riding pushed it up to gear 3. When I hit the throttle it nearly threw my off it lol. If you want the baddest scooter out there, this is the one. appears well built. rides smooth, and you CAN make it not so aggressive by changing turbo or not, 2 motors or not, gear 1 thru 3.

Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter
Benjamin Terrance
LS7 is Awesome

I picked up an early version of the 35Ah LS7 (Came with an older version of the handlebar setup and lights on the bottom). I ride my Xiaomi M365 often, but it's not a match for the LS7. The power is still as exciting as it was on day 1 and for the price I picked it up I would again and again. For me in the UK its been a true car replacement with its insane range and comfort. With its weight its probably not for everyone, and I recommend trying a powerful scooter before jumping into the deep end but the LS7 is sure not to disappoint.

Scooter Power at Last!

Very successful purchase. Scooter power at last! Delivered within 7 days from Poland. High starting power. Disc brakes. Twin electric engines. When lifting the speed limit, its maximum speed is 43 km/h. The headlight is super bright. The store also promptly answered any questions.

Fantastic Electric Scooter!!

The product is excellent and I haven't had any issues with my iScooter i9. Customer service has also been brilliant and professional, any questions were promptly answered.

The quality is very good and delivery was fast. The 1S is European version which includes the spare tire in the box.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential
Jayda Wilkinson
Very Good

I wish I could upload a video of the scooter. It's very good, but I can't seem to get it to reach its top speed. Manufacturer claims it can reach max 20km/h, but it seems impossible to pass 18km/h.

Perfect eScooter for Work

Perfect electric scooter, I'm really happy to have purchased this machine. Road to work on this scooter is so relaxing and effortless. Definitely would recommend.

Super fast shipping from Spain, Great seller and keeps you informed at all times, I recommend 100 × 100

Well made scooter. Very good quality. Everything as promised. Thank you for the extra bell.

Fun and Fast

It comes very well packaged and shipping is very fast, an excellent seller and 100% recommended.

You can link IOS or android to the app to see the speed and readouts. My opinion is the speedometer takes up a lot of space on the screen and makes it difficult to see which mode you're in.

The Kirin B1 is fun, fast and I get good range. I highly recommend this product,

KAABO Mantis 10 800W Electric Scooter

Great seller! Fast delivery, very professional advice, quality product. I highly recommend big thank you.

Insane power and speed!!

The 26Ah model it is of a good quality and a great looking scooter. It has insane power and you can get serious speed out of it to the point where, if you made a mistake, it could be fatal. Good company overall.

Sticky Front Brake

Front brake was a bit stuck. Hard to drive when the brake is stuck. Product is otherwise good. The delivery was quite long. Ordered this 4th of october and arrived 21st of october. "Estimated Delivery Time: 2-5 Days. Will be shipped within (Business days) 7 Days" But I believe most of the problems were in Finland. I heard that the package will come to this automated package retrieval place. Then we heard nothing, after calling "it is coming dont worry". And nothing again, we knew the package is in Finland but the courier didnt have any idea where. After calling again they said it will come to the automated package place, then I said but the package is 1.2m long and 28kg, where the woman said "no worries the package system can take 70cm long package..." and then there was silence. Eventually I got an SMS that I can retrieve the package from one supermarket, we have it now. And. This beast goes fast. Have to fix the brake though.

Good looking scooter

Delivery took two weeks from Poland to England. Everything is good, the scooter works confidently, looks good. Faster than Xiaomi Pro. After delimiting the speed, it can go upto 37-38 km/h on 100% charge.

Well made scooter

Just as described... Glad I ordered the seat as well at the same time. A very clever design and well made with quality components used to make the seat! It just clamps on/off the scooter. When people ask is this thing quick? Believe Me, it is! Tons of fun, and I will be doing several upgrades to it in future...

I have bought multiple Mantis from Lirol Retail, highly recommend this store! All orders came to the Netherlands without issues.

Seller recommended.. Kindly.. Friendly.. Always present in the communication… later daro my opinion on features… In traveling road… glad glad.. Quality price more than satisfied in trims sturdy material good manufactory and quality materials… and really beautiful. .. Vnditore super recommended…

Powerful scooter but need new brake pads!

The scooter is powerful. I am 95kg weight and was able to speed up to 43km/h. Only issue are the brake pads, they were worn out after 4 rides. I had to buy new one (EBC brakes). The break system itself is weak, it is too small for 100kg loaded scooter. Also it is unpredictable and hard to ride in wet conditions, slicks make the scooter to slip and drift. Replacement brake pads are now needed.

Great Store! Great e-Scooter!

Best buying experience from Lirol Retail, customer service is absolutely amazing. They respond super quick, super kind and answered all my questions. They also even told me when UPS picked up the package! Absolutely recommended! About the e-Scooter, it’s fast, stable, comfortable, brakes are good, not too heavy, folding is handy to carry upstairs and super fun to ride. Bad things, lights are nonexistent you see nothing and there is no buzzer. Thank you Lirol Retail!

Superb eScooter

The scooter is perfect, good stability even at full power (75 km/h max), very good suspension and super cross wheels. Really satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend it. Guaranteed loads of fun and won't disappoint.